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In today’s world, we understand the need for flexibility and maximum efficiency – from financial efficiency to the successful delivery of timelines. 


Our team has extensive experience in producing world-class entertainment experiences, that are supported by consistent management.



Our progressive approach ensures exceptional quality, high ratings and synergy with your brand’s operations. 


Both our clients, artists and technicians benefit from global support – with offices based in England, Portugal and Ukraine.


Creating diversity in our delivery.

Piano Entertainer

Department: Musicians

Daniele Coletta

Department: Guest Acts



From ready-made productions to tailor made creations, we specialise in entertainment solutions that are both financially efficient and time efficient. 


Our industry connections provide our clients with access to an elite standard of recruitment.

Technical Support

We provide a spectrum of technical services including tech support, upgrades and equipment installation.


With our support services, our objective is to maximise the use of your equipment. 


Our offering includes residential musicians such as house bands, as well as more modern alternatives such as strolling musicians. 

Guest Acts

We work with our clients and conduct demographic assessments to establish which guest acts would create the most unique of memories for your audience.


Our services come with consistent and proactive global management, available 365 days of the year.